Trade CFDs on bonds and interest rate markets including BOBL, Schatz and Euribor with LCG.

Bond and interest rate futures markets are arguably the most influential for the global economy, making them, along with currencies the market of choice for macro traders. Both interest rate and bond markets have a wide reaching impact on currency value as well as an economy’s ability to raise funds. At LCG, in addition to CFDs on US 10 and 30-year treasuries, we also offer trading on German bunds, UK Gilts, Euribor rates, Short Sterling and Swiss Euroswiss contracts.

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Why trade bonds and interest rates with LCG

Multiple markets available

At LCG, we have a great range of bonds and interest rate futures markets to trade including Euro bund, Euribor and Gilt Future with low margin requirements

Use leverage to trade

Trading with leverage means you do not need to invest as much capital to fund your bond market trades.

Use the exclusive LCG Trader platform

LCG Trader is among the best bond trading platforms. Trade the bond market wherever you are and on any device using our professional online trading platform.

Take advantage of market fluctuations

Use bonds to trade market interest rates and inflation expectations with a reliable broker with 20 years’ experience.

Live bond and interest rate price ticker

View our bond and interest rate spreads and specifications

Additional benefits to trading the bond market with LCG

  • Guaranteed stop-loss With a guaranteed stop-loss order, you can protect bond trades against significant market fluctuations.
  • Partial-position closing Close a percentage of your bond market position to guarantee an outcome while leaving the remaining portion open to experience market fluctuations.
  • Advanced orders With advanced orders, you can choose to close your trade once your bond market trade reaches a specified target price.
  • No need to own any assets Take a position on whether the bond market will go up or down without having to own bonds.

A superior trading experience, on all your devices

LCG Trader

Trade the bond market directly from your browser on any device with our powerful web-based trading platform. LCG Trader is one of the best bond trading platforms. It offers a fast, reliable trading experience and a world-class charting package.

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Trade with LCG's price improvement technologies for popular bond markets on the world's most popular trading platform, available for desktop, mobile and tablet.

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Analysis and Education

Our team of experts have developed in-depth analysis and education material for all levels of traders. From beginners wanting to learn the basics, such as how to trade bonds, to the experienced trader wishing to discuss bond trading strategies and bond trading prices, our analysts have you covered. Our team host weekly economic outlooks where bond market trends are discussed.

Whether it’s breaking news that could impact the bonds you trade, technical analysis, upcoming economic indicators or general market discussion, our team of analysts have you covered with insightful commentary and opinions on everything going on in the world of bond market trading. Visit our research and analysis portal for your daily dose of market commentary or alternatively sign up for our newsletter and have the latest bond market and interest rate news delivered to your inbox.


Trade Responsibly: CFD trading is high risk and may not be suitable for everyone. Losses can exceed your deposits. Risk Disclosure