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Labour Day in the US - 3rd of September 2018

Please find below adjustments to hours of trading on Monday the 3rd of September due to Labour Day in the US. Please note that times are listed in UK time and all information is correct at time of publication but is subject to change without prior warning.

Products Trading Hours
Monday 3rd September
UK 100 Closed 21:00 - 23:05
US 500/US Tech 100/Wall Street Closed 18:00 - 23:01
Japan 225 Closed 18:00
Russ 2K Closed 18:00
US Dollar-Index Closed 18:00
Germany 30 Closed 21:00 - 23:05
Index Differential Wall St - UK 100 Closed 18:00
Index Differential Wall St - Germany 30 Closed 18:00
Products Trading Hours
Monday 3rd September
US Closed
Products Trading Hours
Monday 3rd September
Brent Closed 18:30
Gas Oil Closed 18:30
US Crude/US Unleaded Gasoline/Heating Oil/Natural Gas/Gold/Silver/Copper Closed 18:00 - 23:01
Wheat/Soybean Closed
US Coffee Closed
US Cocoa Closed
Cotton No2 Closed
Orange Juice Closed
Products Trading Hours
Monday 3rd September
US Bonds Closed 18:00 - 23:01