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Twitter Q3 earnings preview

Date of earnings release

26/10/17 after-market


The story

Anybody buying Twitter shares is buying into a ‘turnaround story’. Expectations that one can happen are low. There is a potential double bottom around $14 but management need to offer reasons for optimism. The result of its trial of more characters in a tweet could be one source of optimism, but anecdotally it went down badly with its core user base. Perhaps more encouraging is video livestreaming. Twitter is best at breaking news, which live video can complement very well. Video is good for advertising and can entice a younger audience. There is still a shortage of evidence that Twitter can rekindle falling user growth and monetise existing users.


Price chart

Price performance

5yr + -60.3%

YTD +9.6%

Since last earnings +2.9%



Q3 EPS expectation: 0.064 (Adjusted), -0.105 (GAAP)

Q3 Revenue expectation: 587.483 million


Chart of Revenue history and expectations

Source: Bloomberg, 23/10/17


Chart of Net Income history and expectations

Source: Bloomberg, 23/10/17


Forward 12M P/E ratio: 56.7


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