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BP, Glencore, Pearson and more

BP +2.37%: A rise in the price of crude has helped buoy the stock. Declining US crude stockpiles has helped but there remains a supply glut globally which is essentially the reason we have seen the price of oil decline by half in the past 12 months.

Glencore +3% - the reassurance from management seems to be aiding equity investor sentiment although the price has stopped shy of taking the 100p marker so far. Bond investors are a little less confident and this is reflected in the inverted CDS curve. Prices for longer-term debt has fallen as investors began to assess the potential recovery values for Glencore debt, most of which is unsecured.

Pearson +2.66%: the company is said to be buying the e-assessment division of Learn Direct. Purchase apparently in the tens of millions of pounds.

BT +2.15% : According to the FT, the UK minister overseeing the telecoms sector has poured cold water on the idea of separating BT from its broadband network, dismaying rival companies who want to break up the former national monopoly. BT is fighting for its future as rival companies have ramped up calls for the split of its fixed line network, which they argue causes a conflict of interest given its own retail internet business.

Rolls Royce +2.14%: Reinstated to buy at Goldman Sachs. The stock is down 24.2% YTD but the average broker target price (12month) implies circa 18% upside to 766p.

A number of stocks go ex-dividend today on the Stoxx600. Including Centrica Plc (-0.61%) DS Smith, British Land (+0.54%) Inmarsat(0.15%), Morrison (-0.66%), Intertek.