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CFD trading is high risk and may not be suitable for everyone.


7 tips for trading when working from home
Everybody is having to make big adjustments in their working life because of ‘stay home’ orders from the government. Many people simply cannot work from home because of the nature of the work they do - luckily trading is something suited to working from home! … Read more


The fitness industry under quarantine
How will gym buffs survive when their usual workout spot is closed? People are being forced to change their habits when put in lockdown, like going to the gym. “It’s simple, if it jiggles, it’s fat.”Arnold Schwarzenegger I have two fitness industry shares to w… Read more


Here is a market still worth buying
Have you been watching your portfolio fall in value? And listening to the news tell you that we are in a crisis? Maybe you started to believe that there is no market worth buying anymore? FACT: Most day-traders are long-only (buying!) S&P 500 CFD Does thi… Read more


What can I trade if stock markets shutdown? #Coronavirus
It’s a crazy question to be posing - but - What plans do you have for trading if major stock markets like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) shut during the pandemic? Why would stock markets shut? The Philippines stock market has been closed indefinitely as of… Read more


How to hedge in a bear market
Do you still believe in the long term growth of the companies you are invested in BUT want to save yourself from the (hopefully) short-term pain caused by the coronavirus? Yes? How about hedging your portfolio? Hedging Against Falling Shares Again, if you want… Read more


How to trade in a falling market
The coronavirus outbreak could cause a global recession and investors have turned fearful, sending share prices sharply lower. So what can you do when stock markets are falling? A time to 'Go Short’ Sometimes When markets are falling, there is just nothing wor… Read more


The 3 biggest factors for choosing of broker
The 3 biggest factors for choosing of broker   Especially when you first start trading, but even as an experienced trader there are 3 boxes that any online broker should tick. There are many considerations for your choice of broker. These might include tradi… Read more


Client sentiment and the use of data in trading
Data is a bit of a dirty word at the moment. The Cambridge Analytica and Facebook scandal has put a spotlight on consumer data and forced every one of us look carefully at how our online data is shared. But what about the use of data when it comes to trading?… Read more